Hymns To The Here And Now

Thank you to everyone who purchased Hymns To The Here And Now during our pre-sale.  We donated $1 from EVERY CD PRE-SOLD to The Link Counseling Center.

The Link Counseling Center is a nonprofit community counseling center serving the community since 1971. The Link provides quality, affordable, confidential counseling, psychotherapy, and support groups to all ages.

11 Responses to Hymns To The Here And Now: Buy

  1. maria says:

    dear jefferson and tammy,
    you told me in the henley house I’d find the lyrics for the songs in hymn for here and now in the internet on your site – but I can’t. so – probably you can sent them via email???!!!
    that’d be great. so I can hear your music over the ocean in Austria – and finally also understand the meanings.

    maria (perhaps you remember me – ruby gammon’s friend in the henley house in sheet harbour.

  2. Jim Crozier says:

    I have it in rotation in my car – digging it more each time it plays.

  3. This music reminds me of who I am and Why I love Music !!!

  4. David Lind-Westbrook says:

    Thank you again for the copy of the new album. I put it on in the car Tuesday night after the jam on Tybee and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. What a wonderful collection of songs. I absolutely love the chord progression on the second track, “Long Gone to Darien”. The 5th track, “Trying not to Lose My Mind”, had me laughing out loud. That’s definitely a song I’d like to learn how to play. But the two stand out tracks (in my humble opinion) are “Seven Hills and Seven Valleys” and “Long Torn Veils”. The first has a haunting fiddle in it that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. The second has simply some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a long time and really needs to be heard by everyone who truly loves Savannah. Keep up the great songwriting!

    • Jefferson says:

      Thanks, Dave! I’m so happy that you like the record! I just love writing songs and am thrilled when other players enjoy them as well. I really appreciate you letting me know. Boogie on, brother! Jefferson

  5. Genora Eley says:

    I heard your interview on Richard Winham’s program on WUTC in Chattanooga recently. I really enjoyed your music and I’m looking forward to hearing more. Very, very good stuff. Nice to hear music that acually has words worth listeing to. Thank you!

    • Jefferson says:

      We’re so happy that you enjoyed the interview and hope that you’ll like the album even more. It’s always a thrill to hear from such nice folks as yourself and I look forward to meeting you next time I’m in Chattanooga. Cheers

  6. janet kitchener says:

    How much is the album in sterling and will that include postage?

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